WhatsApp stops supporting iOS 7

The team of developers of WhatsApp messenger announced their plans to abandon support for obsolete platforms in the near future. On assurances of the company, this will concentrate their efforts on current operating systems.

According to the announcement in a blog WhatsApp, messenger will no longer support iOS 7 on 1 February 2020. The same fate will befall the owners of Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread. Users will be prompted to update to current, and in that case, if it is not possible to buy a new smartphone.

For these platforms, the team WhatsApp will only be able to guarantee delivery and receipt of messages until the beginning of 2020. All other functions may stop working at any time. In addition, the application of this moment will no longer receive updates with new options for out-of-date version of the software.

According to statistics, iOS 7 now has about 10.7 million devices, accounting for about 5% of active iPhones worldwide. As for Android, it works on Gingerbread only 0.3% of smartphones of the total number, approximately 3.9 million devices.

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