WhatsApp seeks to compete with Snapchat sexting temporary

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واتساب يسعى لمنافسة سناب شات عبر الرسائل المؤقتة

Reports indicate that the application WhatsApp is preparing to introduce a new feature clone of Snapchat, a messaging timer, where the reproduced application earlier story feature of Snapchat Stories presented by on behalf of case, WhatsApp Status, which now has 450 million active users compared to the number of 188 billion for Snapchat, despite the fact that the situation within the WhatsApp lacks many of the features offered by Snapchat stories, such as masks, augmented reality or GIF animations or avatars personal Bitmoji.

And rights application of instant messaging owned by Facebook significantly in the developing world, where it proves Snapchat great success there, and lost a large number of users active per day in the second quarter and the third quarter of 2018.

Continues WhatsApp to add good features to keep ahead of the market of instant messaging applications is having made many of the messaging apps social media new features in recent months with the improvement of old features in an attempt to stay in the spotlight and attract the attention of users under the fierce competition in this field.

It seems that people feel upon the disappearance of the chats automatically after a specific period of time, and become more capable of expression, especially for adolescents who are out deliberately on the Facebook platform because everything is saved in your profile and timeline can be seen at any time, has helped build a Snapchat to the idea that it doesn’t need to worry about the old stuff in to make it desirable by the younger generation of users.

The app WhatsApp at the current time to the users the possibility to send images, video clips and text, with an option to “cancel sending”, but this option only works for an hour after sending the message, which is a far cry from the messaging feature of the interim provided by Snapchat, where messages that have been seen once you close the chat window only if the user clicks on a destination to save it.

The application Instagram, is owned by Facebook, also, had reached a compromise, where you can send pictures, videos, permanent and temporary, and text messages durable by default, but can cancel those messages, even old ones, thus providing users with great flexibility during the chat in the presence of the temporary photo, and saw the service Instagram Direct growth spurt to more than 375 million monthly users when messaging the interim.

It should be WhatsApp able to provide this feature easily, through the addition of the option of provisional time when someone sends a media file, where the image or video clip after a specified time period, along with allowing people to add a timer to the messages of specific text they send.

One of the memos leaked has indicated that the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel Evan Spiegel, seen the chats with close friends as the primary focus for its development obstructed the process of re-design of the disaster of this year, includes Spiegel to Snapchat as the fastest way to communicate, that may be true for health but not necessarily of the texts, as the texts of the interim may cause the destruction of the conversations.

The gate Arab News Technical WhatsApp seeks to compete with Snapchat sexting temporary

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