WhatsApp releases the feature “picture in picture” for all Android users

واتس آب تُطلق ميزة "صورة داخل صورة" لجميع مستخدمي اندرويد

About two months ago from now there was a signals is a function of the intention of WhatsApp, the launch of the feature picture-in-Picture “picture-in-picture” or what you know in short “PIP” on the Android operating system, and this feature appeared at the time in the trial version, and today it has been made available officially for all Android users.

While The benefited users of the system other iOS of this feature with the beginning of the current year, for Android users a whole year to experience this feature, we are always what we come late is better than never come.

Generally with this feature you will be able as a user of WhatsApp from play video clips sent to you from within WhatsApp itself without having to go out of the app, for example, someone sends you a video link of YouTube or of Facebook, you can directly watch it and complete your conversation with him without any problems.

واتس آب تُطلق ميزة "صورة داخل صورة" لجميع مستخدمي اندرويد

Finally updated WhatsApp up gradually to users, in the case of non-arrival you wait more days, to make it go to the app page on the store Google Play from here.

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