WhatsApp refuses to lawsuits against the Israeli company to penetrate the user accounts!

The WhatsApp to sue an Israeli company called NSO Group in front of the U.S. Federal Court accusing it of hacking into the accounts of many users and trade them.واتس اب يرفع دعاوى قضائية ضد شركة إسرائيلية لاختراق حسابات المستخدمين

The operations of the hack according to the claims of Watts August were targeting specific categories of users such as journalists, human rights defenders, political activists, diplomats and officials of governments.

Stated the CEO of Watson the father of the sword “will Cathcart” that this move is alert, strong technology businesses, governments and internet users in general, and the growth and spread of this kind of technology falling into the wrong hands puts everyone in danger.

According to WhatsApp, the firm NSO Group specialized in surveillance and Information Security has send software spy to over 1400 users to develop the Watts depending on the presence of gaps in the application.

Hack was done via a program called “Pegasus” and it wasn’t necessary only to make a call to the victim via the app. WhatsApp the discovery of the vulnerability months before the problems in one of the updates.

Come up with a research center called The Citizen Lab affiliated to the University of Toronto, Canada to investigate the processes of penetration, and will continue to in the end to accuse the Israeli police of being involved in the processes of hack.

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