WhatsApp reduces the number of future forwarded messages to five contacts just

تطبيق واتساب يقلص عدد مستقبلي الرسائل المعاد توجيهها لخمسة جهات اتصال فقط

In the reflection of the system which the users of the application conversation instant biggest ever announced Facebook and all of a sudden from the beginning of the application of its decision to reduce the number of metabolites forwarded messages to 5 Contacts Only, where was the limit for this property previously and 4 times the current figure of ten future letter. It has came to the company’s announcement on the lips of the deputy head of the Department Contact Privacy WhatsApp Victoria grand at the conference in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

In a given company this decision in the shadow of its attempts to counter rumors and shading that are published across the region by some groups are going to use the app in both the news false or fake pictures of manipulative components as well as for video clips, audio clips that produce all of them without control and without knowledge of its source.

Was WhatsApp have done this system to route messages and reduce the number of tuners last June in India after a number of rumors and false news that led to strengthen the commission to commit felonies and crimes of intentional homicide.

He noted that the new update to start effectively today Monday Holder a specified new five receivers of messages forwarded to all users in all over the world, which confirmed that users of the app to copy Android they are going to happen this update first and then will follow the users of iOS.

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