WhatsApp plans to launch encrypted!

After the application Kik correspondence recently with the support of crypto-currencies, plans to Facebook to do the same thing via the application of WhatsApp its currently.

According to the latest leaks, skip the giant social network powered encrypted enables users of WhatsApp to send money to each other, according to the agency Bloomberg News.

Expected to be working with a fixed value is also available in US dollars, which works to avoid the continued volatility in the value of the entity can be transferred from one user to another and transferred to the genuine coins can be spent, what also refers to being put forward may be limited to only the United States.

We still have a lot of time until we see any official news about the new currency, given that Facebook has just started developing a model and strategy for digital, according to reports.

This given the most recent concerns of Facebook in its new staff and its search for experts networks block Qi and encrypted, it is not surprising that we start seeing such leaks.

Source: thenextweb

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