WhatsApp on the iOS platform support CarPlay cars

Launched WhatsApp a new update to the iOS brings with IT support for application compatibility with the platform of the barrage of Cars known as CarPlay the goal is to facilitate the use of the app is larger during driving of the car .

Version number: 2.18.2 of WhatsApp will show notifications on the screen of your car when your phone is connected the screen of the car will receive the new messages and begin to read it immediately as it can send messages through Siri, which will be the message then gives you the option to send or edit.

You’ll be able to see notification of unread messages only without the need to enter into the app because the app opens the properties scroll and select a specific message because of the limitations of Apple’s strict but anyway when you click the icon of unread messages the app will begin reading and allows you to reply from the vinegar voice dictation.

The update is now available for free on devices iOS.


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