WhatsApp officially launches a special version for WhatsApp Busines

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

About two months ago appeared a test version of the application WhatsApp the companies we published several pictures of a month after the first news about it, today announced a service to provide it officially for download from the store Google Play in several countries around the world.

The app features that will create a special file for each company in which you can display important information to users such as descriptions about the work of the company and its products and e-mail address and even the company’s website.

The application also supports some of the possible tools to facilitate communication for businesses like replies ready pre-stored messages, welcome messages and your status abroad, and when the company will not be connected to respond to inquiries.

Removes WhatsApp for the stats simplified for the messages exchanged with users, such as the number of messages unread by them to see if they are interested or ignore the responses.

Supports WhatsApp, Business Service WhatsApp web to use of computers as is the case with WhatsApp and traditional.

The new application provides the possibility of documenting the accounts of the company and to increase the confidence of users in the account you are communicating with, Where is the confirmation number to the user’s phone.

During the trial period to investigate the new reported that 80% of small businesses that helped them to communicate better with their customers.

Currently the app is available for download in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States, and will gradually over the coming weeks in all countries of the world.


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