WhatsApp may tell you in the future, the number of forwarding your message


We told you last week that WhatsApp choose the built-in browser within the app and feature a reverse image search on the Android platform. Now, it turns out that WhatsApp choose additional features.

You say WhatsApp is developing two new features, and for water the first they carry the name of ” information forwarding“, while carrying water other name ” duplicate redirection “. For water first, they are telling you about the number of forwarding the message that I sent to others. This information appears in the section ” information messages ” which is accessed by clicking for a long time on the sent message and then clicking on the information icon that appears at the top.

Explained WABetaInfo that this feature only works with the message that I sent to others, and if you want to know the number of forwarding the message you received, you’ll have to send it to someone else, and then check that number in the Information section of the message.

Regarding the second advantage, they know the words ” has been forwarded frequently | Frequently forwarded ” to the top of the message sent when it is forwarded to more than four times. The report indicates that you won’t see the number of forwarding the message if forwarded five times or more.

Been monitoring both features in the trial version of WhatsApp on the Android platform, which Download Version 2.19.80, but even if you use this version of the app, it may not be available to you. Moreover, there is no guarantee that these features will see the light in the future, but we hope to conduct tests as it should, and is launching these features in the end for all users in all around the world.

This feature must be useful for users in determining whether the message received is widely distributed, and if so, it is likely that they contain false information.


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