WhatsApp may start warning users about spam


We’ve all received spam on WhatsApp. These messages are silly tend to spread quickly because of some users who believe foolishly that by re-directing those messages will enable them to continue using WhatsApp for free or whatever incentive the message that prepares them to something vs. re-sent to other parties. However, it seems that WhatsApp will begin to notify users about spam.

In an attempt to reduce the spread of spam and counterfeit on the product, company may display a warning message in the application to users that request them to re-send a message is likely to be annoying. Will the notice of the users know that this message ” was sent several times “.


Will WhatsApp is also a warning similar to the message that is sent repeatedly when you received it. Reports indicate that the company is still working on the development of this feature, it is not clear whether the service owned by Facebook to be made by all users or not.

Good to see WhatsApp taking steps to ensure curb the speed at which spreading fake messages and annoying around the house. However, we still have to wait and see if this step is effective or not.


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