WhatsApp issued a new list of phones that will not work in the future !

With the passage of time WhatsApp keeps on evolving, which means that it will demand new hardware and little by little leaving the hardware and send the old bit, that is, it will not be connected with some mobile phones and operating systems. And what to apply to apply fact August a large base of users, it is important to mention phones that will stop working.

This is not the first time that WhatsApp updated list that will continue to operate, and this limitation, he did this again in a few days previous, where he made some details about the hardware that are no longer valid in order to use WhatsApp for the coming years, and this is the new list of mobile phones which are not useful in the case of use in order to use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has become virtually unavailable on phones Nokia Symbian S60 since June 30, 2017, as well as the same thing with systems and BlackBerry smartphones with Windows Phone 8.0 and what is less.
For the issuance and 2.3, we know that he issued in 2010 and the proportion of use now is considered to be 0.3 of all the organs and, but whatever it is, it will continue running the app to the limits of February 2020.
Already under August can be assured that it will went off on Nokia S40 through the 31st of December next, also there will be support for iOS 7 As of February 2020.

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