WhatsApp for iPhone gets 3 advantages of the new

WhatsApp for iPhone gets 3 new features

Happened network Facebook application WhatsApp on the Apple platform, to version 2.19.11 added three new features, it didn’t shut it down yet to the Android version on the Google Play Store.

And acquired network Facebook on WhatsApp for immediate download in 2014 compared to deals giant reached a figure of 21 million dollars, and pledged to keep it free without ads .

If you have the application WhatsApp on your phone faith, you know in the following lines on new features .

WhatsApp for iPhone gets 3 new features

The first is the possibility of turning any conversation on any group to a private conversation, simply long press on any message in any group and test (reply etc.) and you will be taken to the window of your private conversation with the author of this letter.

The second advantage is the possibility of prolonged pressure (3D Touch) on the TAB (status) in the application, to review the status of any person in your contact list it without your entry effectively.

The second feature is adding a sticker (sticker) while to modify any image or video clip, by pressing on the stop the smile that will appear in the Edit screen .


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