WhatsApp: don’t share data of the users of payment services with Facebook


He says WhatsApp’s shared data private limited service payments with the parent company Facebook, according to reports, it was supposed to be thrown that water on the messaging application owned by Facebook in a wide number of state last week, but was postponed due to reports of privacy concerns, and even now the application of watts payment service just in India, is currently tested in a limited number of users.

It offers the application of “watts August” via the city’s own official on the internet that Facebook does not use your payment Info with theWhatsApp for business purposes, it only helps in passing the payment information necessary to the partners of the banks in some cases, has involved the WhatsApp limited data with Facebook to assist in the provision of customer support or maintaining the security of the payment process.

He noted the application also indicates that the user when paying via WhatsApp, the app sends the PIN. UPI encrypted to the partners in the Bank, and who are called payment service providers, and saysWhatsApp store payment information and other sensitive like a password or account number or debit card details.

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