WhatsApp chooses to self-destruct feature for messages on Android

In a step that was supposed to be present strongly in the application of WhatsApp, you may get soon app users on Android to feature that was and is still needed badly, which is the self-destruction of messages sent. More specifically, the possibility of the destruction of the messages sent to itself after a specific period of time.

واتساب يختبر ميزة التدمير الذاتي للرسائل من على أندرويدWhatsApp chooses to self-destruct feature for messages on Android

This according, to choose from WhatsApp for Android is available to a limited number of users.

On the other hand, pointed out the source that the copy of the test which carry the digital version of WhatsApp v2.19.275 include this option, provided that the optional feature must be activated first, with regard to the deleted messages, to be deleted forever and keep the impact only when the sender or the future. Thus will be very useful, especially for users who deal with sensitive information.

Turn also, the feature “self-destruct” messages, one of the strengths of the many messaging apps popular.

On the head apply the Telegram, and through the feature “chat secret”, where her people can communicate with each other, to vary their messages from their servers after a specific period of time. That benefit users and also from some of the other features and at the same time, for example, failure to store messages in the chat speed on the servers of Telegram.

Also prevent users from forwarding messages and more importantly prevent them from taking a Screen Shot does not, therefore, be all the secret chats in Telegram device-specific and not part of a cloud service.

Another example, which is in the application of Facebook Messenger, which also includes the feature of “chat secret”, but here you say this feature just encrypts the message content and overall media shared between users.

The WhatsApp will encrypt messages between users, by default that is tuned to self-destruct after being sent as soon as the passage of 5 seconds to 60 Minutes.

In addition, you will be able to the domain administrators group to prevent the other participants in the group from sending text messages.

Finally, as we pointed out previously, these advantages were still in the testing phases of the first, and obviously how long you plan to WhatsApp to launch their advantage anticipated this for all users.


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