WhatsApp chooses the messages self-destructing

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تطبيق واتس آب يختبر الرسائل ذاتية التدميرWhatsApp chooses the messages self-destructing

Over the past few years vied for many communication applications instant on to win the consent of the user, so I rushed to submit many of the new features exclusive to ensure transparency on the one hand and user satisfaction on the other hand, today, consistent with this trend, WhatsApp choose Messages self-destructing.

Messages self-destructing is not a new technology, where previously submitted on the application other (such as Snapchat) and (term) and(the messenger of Facebook) and through which the user can put a specific time frame disappear after his message, including photos or video clips, I have a phone of the other party .

Today we have reports that WhatsApp wide fame chooses this feature, but on the scope of the messages circulating in the community just yet, and in the time frame ranging from 5 seconds, the hour is complete .

It is not clear yet when will the WhatsApp from the testing phase of the application of this water (important) and making it available to all users.

Note that WhatsApp provides to issue a beta for users of Android and faith, to experience the new features before sending them to the app fixed the final .

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