WhatsApp choose feature a Reverse Image Search and web browser inside the app

واتس آب تختبر ميزة البحث العكسي عن الصور ومستعرض ويب داخل التطبيق

Team continues the work of Watts August work on the new tools on the app, as we always before the publication of these new tools for all users, they are tested on a limited number of users, this time there are two new features, the first web browser within the app, and the second consists in the feature of reverse image search that is sent in the chat.

In regards to water first, it will allow the browser user to search the web without having to go out of the app, that does not support the current option of “saccharin-shot” or recording a video while using it.

The second feature which is more useful, especially in cases where the photo is viral, it will be the user the ability to select a picture and upload to Google, then watch the places that appear in the image, and of course this new tool was specially developed to fight the news is fake, and try to figure out where she got the picture already.

Finally, as we pointed out previously, these advantages are now available in the demo version of the application Watts August, and not knowing when you’ll be for all users, and will be launched already or dispensable, as is the case with the advantages of choosing the former we haven’t seen until this moment in the official version.

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