WhatsApp choose browsing within the app directly

Developers started WhatsApp in a preview of new features in the demo version for compatibility before you start pushing these features to users, where it comes on top of these features the advantage of a browser within the app, and feature a Reverse Image Search which allows user to upload photos and search for them on the internet.

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It is a test of the efficiency standards and new features in the application alwats August before the launch of these users are officially on the level of the world often, and choose the latest features that are tested already in the beta version of the app, which offers the valley through which users browsing feature inside the app or reverse image search.

Come the first feature to support user browsing within the app directly, which will not need the user to go out at the beginning of the app and open the browser to search for specific content, or to open the link, but with this feature the user can capture the image of the company, or video recording.

Also scheduled to support this feature user alerts when you open one of the pages of the internet are harmful, as to record your browsing to the fact can’t be reached by Facebook or WhatsApp.

Also choose to apply the advantage of a Reverse Image Search, which they can upload images that are up to the user in the talks on the browser Google follow similar images on the internet, or to ensure the authenticity of the photos or whether they were phony, which supports the user to verify the veracity of the content that it receives from the photos.

Recall that the new features spotted on a trial version application WhatsApp on the platform landed, also the date is not pay this representative of users even now.


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