WhatsApp choose a search tool allows the user to check the authenticity of photos received

واتساب تختبر أداة بحث تسمح للمستخدم التأكد من صحة الصور المُستلمة

Working WhatsApp on selecting a new tool will facilitate the process and make sure the user of the authenticity of the photos that receive daily by the added contacts to their account, where they discovered the location of the WABetaInfo a new task in the app lay by adding a field-specific search page.

Where the user upload images, that would like to make sure your health through the field of this research to be compared directly with images on the search engine Google and the detection of the original image or similar to what is received by the user and thus this feature helps to avoid very serious matter and is news fake and rumors.

It is worth mentioning that the property is not currently available in the application WhatsApp as the company did not declare or announce officially; but in any case they then entered the testing phase, according to the report means near its launch to the public, especially that they serve the user and at the same time in the identification of false news and appropriate to the rumors that spread like wildfire across them.

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