WhatsApp choose a new feature to browse the internet

Service works instant messaging WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature to facilitate its users to browse the internet, it seems that the company became aware of the importance of this step with frequent participation of service users for links to websites.

Found the site WABetaInfo, specializing in the monitoring of the more experimental in the application of WhatsApp on Android and iOS, WhatsApp choose the possibility to browse websites within the app similar to the provision of other social apps, including Facebook owners, The instead.

Similar to other applications, the browsing feature allows users to visit the site within the application WhatsApp directly without the need to leave. According to WABetaInfro, the new feature does not allow users to capture the image of the company without external applications.

The site said that WhatsApp know with the new feature what if the site was more secure or not, was the page that clicking on the shared link to go to contain any content that is malicious, send the user.

The web site WABetaInfro also that this feature relies on the Android System Only, any company that WhatsApp can’t read the content of the sites you visit. This does not support the new feature work only with devices version 4.1 and later of the Android system.

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Referred to to WhatsApp continue to combat false news and rumors, but this time by enabling users to search for images they receive through the service, in continuation of the campaign started in the month of January last with the make the maximum of users who can re-direct his messages to them with only 5.

As well as, the users of the system can Android subscription program WhatsApp the demo from here, and you can also download the demo version of the latest from here, and the final version of the store Google Play.

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