WhatsApp Business gets the advantage of quick responses and more than on the web, desktop,

واتس آب للأعمال يحصل على ميزة الردود السريعة وأكثر من على الويب وسطح المكتب

In January of last year, the company announced the WhatsApp for available application WhatsApp for business “WhatsApp for Business”, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the launch of the application, provided the company today has a large number of new features to serve this on both the desktop and the web.

In this context the company says that users of WhatsApp Business will be able to now use the advantage of quick responses and rating classifications list the chat, also revealed some important numbers where indicated that there are approximately 5 million companies in the world actively working to level in the service by this, this represents an increase of approximately $ 3 million for the month of April of last year.

Generally in regards to the advantage of quick responses, they are the words from predefined messages can be used to answer common questions, here companies can just Press “/” on the keyboard to quick reply and send it to the consumer, the feature classifications, they allow users of WhatsApp to work on the organization of chat contacts, so they can be easily found later.

Finally, the feature allows the filter to sort your chats based on messages, groups, or lists gas unread, as a reminder WhatsApp for business available for consumers on the desktop for both Windows and Mac, while can access to the web version of here, as well as provide it as an application on mobile phones.

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