WhatsApp Business are available now on the Apple App Store

WhatsApp Business متاح الان على متجر آبلWhatsApp Business now available on the Apple App Store

WhatsApp Business are available now on the Apple App Store

According to the website WABetaInfo which is made all the anion contained WhatsApp famous for instant download N has been raised to a commercial version of it (WhatsApp Business) on the Apple Store finally .

Launched Facebook business version for Android in early last year , and did not limit the time of any release date for it for any OS .

Comes WhatsApp business with features and additional tools addressed to small businesses, allowing them to interact with the customer more easily using the tools to review the messages and sort them and respond to them.

If you would like to join the list of business, you must create a profile to commercial first to provide customers with information such as address and e-mail address and website.

The app allows users to adjust the automated message when you cannot answer, but can also create other types of messages such as welcome messages.

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