WhatsApp allows to hide the shared media automatically from appearing in the phone’s Gallery. here’s the way

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Need to apply WhatsApp on a pretty extensive list of advantages, but the company is owned by Facebook always add new features, where can now WhatsApp now the ability to hide shared media automatically appear in your phone’s Gallery, and monitoring of new water for the first time in version 2.18.194, but it seems that this feature be put up in the latest edition of the app on the Google Play Store is also a “version 2.18.199”.

How to hide shared media automatically from appearing in your phone Gallery

You have to choose the contact to see the shared media with it first, where you can click on the name of the contact or group to the top of the chat window and you can also choose to display the contact from the list three of the points, after that you will see the option to view media if you don’t see them try to update your app.

Now click on the option to see the media, you will ask WhatsApp what if you want to save a media that was downloaded from the chat in your phone Gallery, this applies only to media that has been shared by the newly and not on the photos and videos that have been shared beforehand, so we still have to scan those old photos and videos manually from your photo gallery, you will see the new feature useful for files that are shared between people as well as files that are received from group chats, where it is not uncommon not to receive dozens of photos a day, Which leads to the blockage of the gallery of your phone in no time.

It is unclear whether the new option will affect the storage space, the question here is the situation of the media hidden, temporarily not be displayed in the gallery of the phone? Or operate the new water to provide storage space in the process?

Anyway, you can modify the settings for automatic downloading to save storage space if you want it, where gives you option, available through the settings, and then use the data storage, then media Auto-Download, disable download media files that you click on.

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