WhatsApp acknowledged that does not encrypt messages that are saved in Google Drive

Messages from WhatsApp backup, maintenance and storage which provides cloud service Google Drive, not be end-to-end encryption. The representatives of WhatsApp have begun to notify its users in advance of removing restrictions on the amount of available in the cloud space.

WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption of all messages under messenger, but can not protect the same way of the message beyond, say the developers. In theory, this limitation significantly reduces the level of protection of all messages that were uploaded to Google Drive.

Encryption Google

In fairness it should be noted that Google offers it’s own type of encryption of files stored on its servers. Unfortunately, this means that she has the keys for decryption which can be applied in the case of an appropriate request from law enforcement authorities.

Earlier it became known that Facebook (which owns WhatsApp) was able to negotiate with Google about providing unlimited space in Google Drive to create backups of user messenger. Now the free space in the cloud will not be reduced by the amount of stored data from the messenger.

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