What’s wrong with 4 Pixel and why it is not recommended to buy

To smartphones line Google Pixel can be treated differently. Some love them for their ability and are willing to forgive them any flaws like the mediocre design. Others believe that “pixels” is clearly lacking, especially when compared with competitors. So when Google released the Pixel 4, a treated him extremely wary. In the end, this year the company took into account the wishes of users, eager to see additional of the camera module, okolosustaveh design and advanced technology of facial recognition. But can the new product be the perfect smartphone, right?

Pixel 4 lives from a single charge even less than Pixel 3, and that’s the problem

Indeed, until the ultimate smartphone Pixel 4 is still far. Moreover, that new front looks asymmetrical due to the increased upper limits, so also is experiencing problems in the work of face recognition technology, which not only does not require that the user’s eyes were open, but does not allow authorize in the vast majority of apps from Google Play. In short, the flaws are already enough to cancel the purchase Pixel 4, but as it turned out after a week of testing, he still and autonomy is not so smooth.

The Autonomy Of The Pixel 4

Most it journalists who got a Google Pixel 4 on the test, complained of weak autonomy. Nearly every one of them the device could hardly withstand full daylight, discharging by 6 o’clock. While Pixel 4 XL, which has increased by 900 mAh compared to the younger version of the battery that “died” around the same time. This means that whatever smartphone you may have bought, you will have to recharge it during the day not to remain without charge by the end of the work shift.

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“What terrifies me is the battery Pixel 4. Don’t know how to merge iPhone 11 Pro. I used it long enough and came to the conclusion that to plant his battery throughout the day is unrealistic. Can’t even imagine what you need to do to the iPhone asks for a charge in the evening. Seems Google seriously need to rethink the algorithm of power control, especially if we are talking about serious loads, for which such smartphones as Pixel 4 XL, and prednisoneus”, — said David Ruddock, editor-in-chief AndroidPolice.

Is it worth buying Pixel 4

The chief editor of AndroidCentral Alex Dobie holds a similar opinion. According to him, he does not know any browser that would have praised the autonomy of the Pixel 4, so that this problem is rampant. In General, notes Dobie, in the process of testing it turned out that he lives 4 Pixel from a single charge even less than Pixel 3, despite the fact that it is equipped with more energy efficient hardware, which would allow it to run longer. It is unclear whether Google will be able to fix something, but so far 4 Pixel is the only pixel which is not recommended for purchase, signed Doby.

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Really strange that Pixel 4 lives from charging so little because the capacity of its battery is not much different from last year’s Pixel 3. It is possible that the cause of premature discharge lies in the shortcomings of the software. So if Google will actively work on this issue, perhaps she will be able to fix something. But, otherwise, the Pixel 4 is in danger of becoming a real disaster, in spite of initial application for the innovation.

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