What’s the real reason for blocking Telegram and how to relate cryptocurrency

Monday Roscomnadzor actively trying to block Telegram, but while it turns out badly. According to Pavel Durov, the Federal service covered 18 million IP addresses, but the messenger is still available. As journalists found out, the real reason for what is happening relates more to cryptocurrency than with the terrorist threat.

Lock Telegram. The real reasons

Information was shared by employees of RBC. They familiarized themselves with the contents of the employee’s letter of the 12th centre of the FSB. Unit including supervises the carrying out quickly-search actions in networks of telephone and wireless communications. 18 APR Roman Antypkin sent a message to colleagues in which he explained the real motivation for blocking.

Colleagues, Yes, the story is not at all about this, as you don’t understand! The story is not about the keys and terrorism. Pavel Durov has decided to become the new Mavrodi. Running the updates we get totally out of control financial system. And it’s not Bitcoin for the marginalized, it will be simply, reliably and uncontrollably. It is a threat to national security. All drugs, obnal, trade bodies will go through the Flank of the crypt, and he will say: “I’m innocent, banned words, they are used by terrorists.”

The text of the message is still the journalists. Its authenticity confirmed the Federal official and a top Manager of the service provider. The email is sent the email 12center.ru. According to interlocutors RBC, the Antypkin do not just represent the 12th the center of the FSB at events. Here are meeting on the implementation of the “Law of Spring”.

Reporters contacted with the Novel. FSB your connection to what is happening denies.

All lies, girl, I’m no comment and I don’t know what you’re talking about.

On the prospects of blocking a messenger in Russia, said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov. He is sure that it will affect the ICO, reports RNS.

On the market ICO lock Telegram will have no impact on the ICO of the Telegram – will be affected. Obviously, as well as on Facebook affects how to other organizations when there is friction with the authorities, this negatively affects the market of the respective companies and on the procedures in this regard are made. Given that the ICO Telegram is, in a sense, raising money from investors, then investors are naturally afraid.

It seems that the history is much more interesting than it seems. Will be curious to see what the result will be a bill on regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia.

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