What’s new in Siri iOS 12’s?

Smiled Apple’s idea of a personal assistant with the iPhone 4s in 2011 although it is most commonly used by more than 10 million applications per month. But they fell significantly in terms of efficiency in front of the assistant Google as well as Amazon’s Alexa, who miss out on Siri at answering questions and understanding what you want. The question always is how can the development of Apple her personal assistant to be able to return to the pitch again? In this article we review each of the changes in Siri for the new.

ما الجديد في سيري بنظام iOS 12؟

Sought Apple in iOS 12 to make Siri not smarter, but more useful and there is a big difference between the two; the intelligent personal assistant that can answer complex questions, but it will remain governed by the specific task, so Apple decided the new update to make Siri interferes with all the apps and everything you do to be useful. In the following lines, we collect for you all the changes in Siri, whether extremely small or that more dazzling. First, the pluses: small to large:


With iOS 12 you’ll be able to talk to Siri directly without the use of the phrase Hey Siri or “Hey Siri” before every sentence as usual.


Support Apple 40 language pairs in the translation of Siri and did not explain the Apple menu in English, but to clarify the challenge has become between 40 language pairs, “not 40 language but 40 language pair” any improves the to English to French “wife” English to German “another husband”, France, to a German “wife” third, although the French and the German wave at the couple top.


Siri will monitor the apps that are bothering you notices and suggests we stop her or make her notices were silent. to provide time and increase your concentration. You can refer to our article -this link – to learn more about this feature.


Siri supports a feature found on the phone. Any you can ask her “where’s my phone” or “where’s the iPhone” will show you a list of devices associated with your account and you can choose to search for any of them as well as running el audio this device. This provides you Siri step open the application found on the iPhone or the location of the cloud.


You can ask Siri about your password and recorded in the series of Apple keyboard.


Siri now supports different sports and characters, events, and can also know the details of your photos and display them to you over the question about the images that include a particular thing, whether person, place or theme or were taken at what time.

The above are small changes these are changes of basic important


Tests Siri

Feature an important and essential it is that Apple will allow apps to integrate Siri so that you can the developer provide certain information to the users of the application by Siri. For example, a news app called the newsletter permanently and this application is intended to support this feature and you’re a “What’s new in the news”; and when the pronunciation by the machine running the news. Used specific application to the music like when you say to Siri “I want music” they understand that you want to use this Designated app and not the Apple music. Third app you use to monitor your home just to ask Siri “Show me the house,” she says running the application and the camera thus (the above suggestions for what can be done to water where did the support after application of this command).


Suggestions for tests of Siri

Siri in iOS 12 became are watching what you do as well as overlapping in all applications. Imagine that you day while going to work is doing a coffee order and go to the cafe and deliver it in your way. After several days automatically will Siri know this and when you hold your phone to provide the request you will find them suggesting you do this. Every day you call someone the middle of the day; automatically when you hold your phone at this time you will find a suggestion from Siri to call him. Have you a date late have to state you have Siri automatically to send a message to whoever you have an appointment with him and tell him you’ll be late. Booked a ticket to the cinema will propose you have Siri automatically turn on do not disturb at the time of the film.


Application shortcuts

This app is a stretch of water 7, a actually integrated application WorkFlow with Siri and want to know more details about this application can return a series of articles that we have provided about or explain the application via this link. The idea of this application is briefly that the water No. 7 is the provision of property or a particular function chosen by the developer to be presented with Siri when you say a particular phrase. But with the application shortcuts you can do several tasks at the same time in a single phrase.

For example, a programmed application that, if you say “I’m on my way home” it sends a message to your wife telling you that you’re freed from work, as well as eliminates the Do not disturb mode and shows you a shopping list if it has things added by your wife to buy it and it opens the Google Maps app shows the traffic situation for you as well as running the radio (car or application) on your Show favorite. All of this as soon as I said I’m on my way home.

Another example justifying the need you if I said it’s time for link to turn on do not disturb mode DND preferably night mode and then running Apple TV on programmes comedy like to watch her.

The above are examples of imagine did not can be done by the application which provides an infinite number of possibilities that could be combined and installed.

One last word

Move that Apple has done more than wonderful. Yes to be outdone, Google and Amazon in the quality of the answer to the questions, but when you add Apple’s possibility to justify the treatment you Siri and tell her what you want then that makes them superior. In general questions will continue to Google, Amazon and Apple, but for me no one can you do a post only Siri. Of course Google can Amazon add the same advantages, but these advantages need developers we know that often companies prefer private small and medium enterprises on the Apple so expect to find Apple and its support of the developer community faster than Google and Amazon.

What are the more feature like the Siri, iOS 12 is? If you have the trial version so what do you think about Siri?

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