What’s new in Obi-F9 for Obi F7’s?

Had the company launched a Global Oppo phone its the latest buzz in the world of smartphones for some categories for oppo f7, which issued in the month of April of the current year, which came with potential and made him be on top of its class in smartphones, while memory took a share of the wide of the month as well as achieved significant sales in the developing country, despite the presence of many competitors, most notably a company Shao, but the phone the latest real change drew attention to the interesting significantly the front facing camera.

To complement what has started the global company Oppo has introduced the phone of the same category category f in early August of this year, Oppo F-9, where he improved and developed the company’s many of the nurses had a lot of suggestions as well as addressed some of the problems related to the phone of the Oppo f7, the following we will review with the new phone Oppo f9 which didn’t come in earlier: OPPO f7.

  • What new came with a phone for oppo f9 for phone for oppo f7 is?

  • Tend phone oppo f9 that cheaper in the price of the phone for oppo f7.
  • Improve the company OBO the battery in the phone for oppo f9 as a battery with a capacity of 3500 Milli-amp to a difference of 100 Milli amp only for oppo f7, which is not sexy at all!.
  • There wasn’t any difference between a camera made for phone for oppo f9 front camera phone oppo f7, but came to the difference in rear camera phone oppo f9 where he developed the company in rear camera phone oppo f9 to put a camera other background other than the basic camera that was in the version of the phone oppo f9 characterized accurately 16 mega pixel, so I put OBO other camera with 2 mega pixels.
  • Company has developed the OBO layer screen protection for oppo f9 version for oppo f7 and you made it stronger where the screen came with a layer of protection from the type of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 other than the type of the protective layer in the version F-7 a Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
  • Developed the company Oppo is a mini phone for oppo f9 in terms of where the screen came Strictly stronger than the phone oppo f7 so that the screen resolution of 2340*1080 pixel dimensions screen 19.5:9 as well as the distinction of the screen of the F-9 intensity pixels more than the F-7 where the screen came heavily pixels by 409 every per inch, and varies in size lot where we find that the size of the screen oppo f9 bigger by 0.1 inch.
  • As for the specifications of the manufacture, the phone has been manufacturing Phone oppo f9 aluminium as well as plastic while the F-7 from aluminium only, as came phone oppo f9 with a weight heavier than the F-7.
  • Came phone oppo f9 running Android 8.1 which is higher than the operating system on Oppo F 7.

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What’s new in Obi-F9 for Obi F7’s?

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