What’s new in Mac OS X Mojave

Apple says the announcement of several systems every summer in the month of June, and take the updates to the iPhone and probably now former the bulk of the attention by virtue of the number of users of these large systems. But there’s a hero cryptic says Apple TV to be updated Always and users they would like to follow-up also new is the Mac OS MacOS which came from the name of its new Mojave (pronounced in Arabic “Mojave”), which is updated spry for his. Since it is released for the update a few days ago, here’s the new system.

ما الجديد في نظام الماك Mojave

Dark mode

Finally Apple decided to embrace the dark mode in Mac OS. A wonderful web of color on the retina display, as Apple had Apple TV at the conference. Will this be the first to add a night mode in an iPhone?

Dynamic backgrounds

Wait! Not dynamic wallpapers any animated like that your iDevice iPhone. It is the background of the change with time in the day! For example, the image of the basic system is the image representing the Mojave Desert which is named the system after her. You can choose to put dynamic backgrounds to make the shape of the desert changes with Time notes the place of the dim sunlight on the hill early in the morning and then increases brightness by time of the day then the sun begins to land on the other side until the night comes and becomes the image of the newspaper dark. Also I designed making dynamic wallpaper by yourself which means that the possibility exists to add more without waiting for Apple.

Com files

The coolest updates to the desktop since that was the invention of desktop computers. Where is this place destined from time immemorial to write a lot a lot of files and is difficult to clean, but in the Mojave Apple has added a pile of files and is organizing the surface of the books automatically by file type. Fitch put the whole photo in the pile, and the whole PDF in a pile and so on. Also you can arrange piles by date added/working on them or tags. What you need only when you want to file is to click on the pile to clean all the files and then you can return the pile to its place desktop wonderful continuously.


System property fast has existed since time in Mac they work across a reference to a file, and then press the button the distance or deep pressure on the trackpad, force touch, and water to view the file quickly without the need to open the app to the operator. What is new here is that Apple has added the possibility of the amendment to the images directly from the window of the Quick look.

Filming the screen

Now when shooting the screen show a miniature version of the photo at the bottom of the screen you can click on them to download them or share them before the ceremony. You can also press the buttons Shift+Command+5 (Shift+command+5) to select a specific part of the screen to control or record video with many of the characteristics of photography additional.

Photos using the camera better

Maybe you ever want to shoot an image or copy a paper document and then transfer it to the Mac, at the time it was photographed using the iPhone tops moved across the Eyre-paths. Not very difficult but now you can using this feature the pressure to choose the “import from iphone” in the task list drop down (by clicking on board of intolerance with two fingers or pressing one button with the press of a control, depending on the shortcut you have) then will appear the camera on the iPhone captures the image and then transfer it directly to the Mac without interference from you.

IOS apps

Dart rumors for a while about wanting Apple to allow iOS apps to work on Mac, and indeed Apple decided to do something similar, the police had begun a long-term project allows developers of iOS apps and transfer them to the Mac via Change simple parts in the code of your software application without the need to re-write it since the beginning and this is a great incentive for developers. Started Apple TV test applications where the transfer of apps to the Home for the smart home, the application of voice notes, News application finally, the application of the stock.


For updates the Apple TV to focus on security in Savage and this update is no different. Has Apple adding the feature blocks websites from tracking you via a “fingerprint” of the particular device, as the Apple TV and the websites now you will see all the Mac only “as a Mac” which you know that your Mohammed or your light.

Also added Apple TV feature is simple but useful which is displaying icons of websites on all the windows for the speed control in between them. You can activate the feature by going to Safari –> Preferences –> tabs –> then tick on the show website icons in tabs.

New design for the App Store

Finally Apple has renewed the design of the application store the Mac, it has become more like a private B iOS from where the idea of the basic design with the stories about the applications and the design more simple and easy with a photo fills the screen.

What do you think about the features of the Mac new? And do you think that dark mode is coming docking-iPhone soon?

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