What’s new in iOS 12.1.1 high?

Apple launched some new features in its latest update iOS 12.1 more emoji, calls, FaceTime, customs, the formation of slice eSIM default, and in depth in real-time for iPhone new, and some important reforms that do not upset them any update for more details you can follow this link . In the next update of iOS 12.1.1 working Apple on the launch of the distinctive and numerous other on her head, features touch new called the mission called Haptic Touch and consider them an alternative for 3D Touch or pressure sensitive, a feature that is lacking one of the latest devices Apple iPhone XR. So how will Apple’s that water? And will replace the three-dimensional pressure is? And the other new features provided by Apple in the next update?

ما الجديد في iOS 12.1.1 المرتقب؟

IPhone XR has the option to Haptic Touch New tried 3D Touch

With the lack of iPhone XR to feature 3D Touch put Apple gestures alternative to compensate for that property as prolonged guided feedback haptic, such as prolonged pressure on the spacebar on the keyboard to use the signal tracking with ease and speed. Or prolonged pressure on the shortcuts to control center to view the other options. The rest of the things normal, nothing new, like the iPhone 6 or even 5S.

But the new thing is that Apple added an important update makes from prolonged pressure on the notifications in the iPhone the XR is doing a 3D Touch completely where it says show more details about stuff rather than drag it left and right to view the details of less.

There is no doubt that there are other features special features 3D Touch could not make their way to the iPhone XR at least at the current time only if you find the Apple alternative, such as pressed cardboard on the icons to perform operations fast, because such clicks dependent on the discrimination levels of different settings. This can be implemented by touching it long.

There is also a vast difference between multi-touch 3D Touch and what can we call the Haptic Touch of the hand the time it takes the system to respond. Where to touch a three-dimensional response of the system is not immediate and unequivocal when it detects an increase in force to push the spent in the course, while in the case of Haptic Touch or prolonged pressure, the system to wait some time to check if the user presses a prolonged stress or that he is between the touch operations such as to prepare the market up or down.

Strange that the missing functionality in the XR was running on the IP devices-the iPad and those devices support a feature to expand notifications by prolonged pressure for years with its lack of IS other for 3D Touch. So why late Apple to provide that feature all this time?


If you have the iPhone 6 or the oldest, you will not have the advantage of prolonged pressure by no means only in the testing center verification only.

Feature live images back to FaceTime again

The option of Live Photo or live audio in the FaceTime was present in the iOS update 11 but Apple removed it. when I launched the iOS 12, and remember Apple’s reasons about it, and perhaps that was incompatible with the new features such as group calls. Important, that the Apple TV back button photographing live images to the FaceTime again, and just as it was working before. Only thing you have to take into account is that you don’t have to be on the iOS system 11 or iOS 12.1.1 you and the other party even work when that property. If you are on iOS 12 or iOS 12.1 won’t work for that property with you. It also doesn’t work in calls. They are dedicated for the video only one.

Rotate the camera and mute the sound due also to FaceTime

The weird thing in iOS 12 and iOS 12.1 is the menu that appears on the screen during a call FaceTime. In iOS 11 was your image thumbnail list screen bottom button rotate camera button microphone to mute or release button to capture the live sound. In the iOS update 12, update iOS 12.1 I chose those buttons and put them under the button three dots (…).

Re Apple TV old menu in the next update. You can drag them up to see more options. If you’ve enabled Apple TV those buttons to pay attention in the horizontal position, surely this would be a good thing.

Expansion of technical support VoLTE

Launched communication services through the network of the fourth generation known as “VoLTE” in a number of countries around the world recently, a technique characterized by a number of characteristics that facilitate the process of connecting audio visual mobile. And the technique of ” VoLTE ” quickly make calls uninterrupted internet connection, in addition to calls for high definition, enabling the user to make voice calls while browsing the internet.

What do you think about these actresses? Do you think that the vibration feature will be a real alternative for 3D Touch or is it Marketing purely is? Tell us in the comments.


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