What’s new in Android Q Beta 4?

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Company Google last night released a fourth beta of IOS operating system Android Q. It already can set the owners of smartphones Pixel. Let’s see what the new update brought.

In Beta 4, there is a new emphasis on colors system. You can change these in the preferences of the developers (Settings – System – Advanced – Developer Options). Scroll to the bottom, where you will find the option of Accent color. I personally really liked the option of Ocean.

On the lock screen appeared a couple small changes. The lock icon moved up and down appeared notification of lock status – for example, that the password is not required, because the function of the Smart Lock.

Google last beta added a new variant of the gestural control. It has become much easier than traditional navigation bar, but some of the nuances were. Now most of them fixed. In the first place as a gesture “Back”. If in Beta 3, it interfered with the usual operation of the side menu (to open them had to, or press the appropriate button or making a gesture from a corner of the screen diagonally), this is now fixed. If the menu is drawn on the left side, the Back gesture will only work on the right side. But if you, for example, browsing photos in the gallery in full screen, the Back gesture and does not interfere with the flipping left/right. It becomes active only when you tapnete on the image and will be additional items on the screen. Plus the Back gesture now works more conveniently than before, and he has a new animation. Also note that on personal feelings a little better went to work and the gesture of calling the recent apps.

Some of the users have an option of Face authentication in the Security settings. A similar feature was previously available in the Smart Lock menu, however it now seems that the unlock for the person to be in a different place.

Notification, you can swipe in any direction (again). In previous beta versions notifications could look like in one selected direction. Swipe in the other direction caused the settings button notifications and the possibility to postpone the notification. Now everything works, as in Android 9 Pie: to remove alerts swiping in any direction, and that there were additional options, you must slide and to slightly delay the notification.

Back button offering to change the screen orientation. In the past Beth this useful feature somehow disappeared, and now she is again.

Live Wallpaper displays preview.

Google Pay can appear in the power menu. Judging by the animation below, menu cards can be almost as in iPhone by long pressing the power button.

The Smart Lock feature can be renamed to Pixel Presence. This was reported by some users who installed Beta 4.

Other small innovations I note more bold the widget At a Glance, the dark search bar colored icons in the notification bar, updated menu notification settings, system support for dynamic updates (Dynamic System Updates).

Write in the comments what new features you like the most and what are you still waiting for in the Android Q?

The source: Android Authority, Android Police

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