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We are often asked what kind of gadgets we use in everyday life. Today I will lift the veil of secrecy and tell you about the contents of his backpack. Perhaps other writers will follow my example.


The contents of the backpack usually starts with the backpack. In my case it appeared to be stitched with metal mesh pack safe from Pacsafe, which I bought on black Friday with a very good discount.

Due to the skeptical attitude to this kind of accessories I’m not sure I would buy it in regular days at regular price. But the 50% discount did the trick and leveled my dubious attitude to this accessory. In the end, buying it in about 7000 rubles, I use it with pleasure, but with the experience I would not buy it again at full price.

The main claims are tears that remain on the surface, and the absence of any lock on the strap. If it is called protected, it needs to match this and allow not to worry about the safety of things when a backpack for anything wearing a seat belt. And the combination lock to lock the main compartment would be nice.


My main working machine is the 13-inch MacBook Pro that I bought last summer. Its capacity is enough for me for everything from working with texts and connect to the hotel TV for watching movies, to creating videos and images for our YouTube channel.

This laptop I believe is the perfect option for daily use. Before “Proshka” was heavy and thick. After upgrading a couple of years ago they were the perfect combination of power and size. There are cheaper options from other manufacturers, but here everyone chooses for himself.


A daily tablet that overlap my needs is of 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The 11-inch version is a good device, but the monthly experience of using Studio tablet not made me desire to purchase it for themselves.

I talked about this in a separate article and are still convinced in his opinion. In addition, he is overrated, unless you work with graphics, I don’t like it by itself. First of all it concerns the new cover-keyboard on magnets and relative convenience FaceID in the tablet.

The second smartphone

This item is perhaps the most fickle in my backpack. This happens due to the fact that the second smartphone I always carry, but often this kind of observation models, and sometimes one of my machines.

Today, as a second smartphone I use Honor View 20. I have already spoken about its value. Despite his sharp features, I think a little illogical in its price 38000 for the base version. Anyway, I decided to try to borrow them some time and understand what feelings he will leave me after more prolonged use

The energy in the road

Bags and backpacks of most modern people just can’t do without an external battery. In my case it was the decision of InterStep.

At different times I use different models, but recently chose it for a number of reasons.

For example, it is equipped with a Lightning port. This allows you to use one cable for charging the PowerBank from the network and the phone from the PowerBank. For an Android smartphone, which is the second, you have to carry around another cable and USB Type-C, but at least managed to withdraw from the third cable in the form of Micro-USB.

And this PowerBank supports wireless charging. Someone will say that it’s not the most useful feature, but when you charge smartphone in stationary conditions (coffee shop, airport, office), it allows to do without superfluous wires on the table. Nice one, too.

Compact camera

Very often in my backpack and even in your action camera. I have several of them. From an old, but still vigorous GoPro Hero 3, GoPro Session a compact and very affordable solutions from Gembird.

Acute daily needs this accessory I have, but it weighs very little and is often left in my backpack after use.

External drive

Can not do my job, and began to be and my backpack, without external drive. Lately I use two SSD from Transcend. The first is a larger version of the 500 GB, bought many years ago, and the second solution for the MacBook, the USB Type-C and a capacity of 240 GB.

To wear have both a more compact drive takes up almost no space and performs the role of the stick in cases where you want to save something small. If it comes to serious work in a hospital environment, I get the larger 500 GB storage.


Like everyone I love music. For this I have with me almost always have some headphones. For convenience, just in case, always carry AirPods. In addition, there are in-ear JBL Everest 110. For those occasions when I can afford to wear full headphones, I have Bose QC35II.

To headphones of this brand I have long respected. I do not argue that there are more successful models, but for myself I chose this and think it’s a matter of taste.

Wire. Wire. A lot of wires…

  • Power adapter for notebook
  • Charging cable for laptop
  • The Lightning Cable
  • USB 3.0 cable for SSD
  • Cable USB Type-C.
  • Adapter for connecting devices to MacBook

Despite all attempts to reduce the number of wires in my backpack, they are still a lot, but the main can be attributed to the examples above. Sometimes the number is increasing, but decreases are extremely rare.

There are unusual things

Sometimes in my backpack, you can find other unusual things. But this is rather an exception or a temporary phenomenon, depending on the specific situation.

Sometimes the inventory can hold an umbrella or purchase in the store, but there are also less common situations. For example, one time I wore a backpack with three laptop. Fortunately, it didn’t last long, but you had to work.But there is always a wallet, which has registered some cash, Bank cards and a passport, driving license and vehicle documents. Unfortunately, in our time it is too early to talk about the fact that you can do. Even Apple Pay can’t work at the right time.

Links to the accessories of the above that are still sold:
The second smartphone
PowerBank with a special promo code AA600
Action camera

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