What you should pay attention to when buying a phone used

I became getting a new smartphone is expensive, and buying a phone used good a great way to save some money when you upgrade to a better device, but surely it’s not just the price, there are many other factors that must be considered when shopping for a used to you the most important ones.

1) Learn the material best suited for purchase

If you are looking to get the latest model, the best time to buy a phone is after the departure of his successor directly, then says, wanting to buy the latest version offer their phones for sale, although the dates of the versions of the new phones change every year, it disciplined to a large extent, where you know companies Android like Samsung and Huawei devices a new flagship in early spring, followed by Apple presented iPhone new in the autumn, while reveal the Google Pixel and the Samsung about the note and Huawei from the dead a year later.

2) compare prices

The next step is to figure out the appropriate price for the phone user you have chosen, there is always some variation in the pricing of the smartphones used, so you have to narrow this disparity by looking at some websites like eBay and DuPont houses, but make sure that the general condition of the phone and to it similar.

3) make sure the car returns

Try to get your phone from a vendor who provides a service to retrieve the powerful, despite the fact that most physical damage is easily discovered the moment you get the phone, but it may take some time to get to the parts that there’s a glitch, so you pay attention to the existence of policies and the retrieval of a reliable introduction from the seller.

4) the general condition of the phone

Must be the phone screen is the most important what to focus on when you examine the phone’s user, do not allow the presence of any crack or cracks in it, where it will cost you to replace the screen money, and can indicate other problems in the machine, so you should search for the presence of scratches, also the result of his fall, frequently causing damage to its internal components.

Either when there is minor scratches can afford it, it should be noted that the surface damage should then reduce the price of the phone, then the presence of some external accessories, you may not notice any flaws Cosmetic in it with daily use.

5) Check than you’ll get by the phone.

Things you’ll get with a smartphone is not just a bonus, as they can provide you with valuable information on the seller, for example if the seller had the original box no, this is an indication that you will not get your stolen, in addition to receiving a portfolio of evidence that it was in good condition, and most certainly is to get the original charger for the phone, as many of the Android phones supports fast charging with the hand only the original.

6) attention to the updates of the software

After making sure that the general specifications for your smartphone is still as it was in the day that was sold for the first time, except that the software must be constantly updated for Android phones, Google is the only entity that you can rely on to get software updates firmware with the Pixel despite the fact that many Android devices are still running operating systems as old, except that security updates monthly should be taken into account, as you must make sure that the manufacturer of the device that you want to buy it don’t take more than a month or two for these updates.

7) make sure battery life

Lose the lithium ion batteries that run smart phones as much energy every day and often have to be replaced after two years, so we have to make sure that your new phone can work for 12 hours on average to ship it back, relying on an external battery for emergency use, or you can replace the phone battery with a new one but it will increase the cost by a significant amount.

In conclusion, if the seller has the car to retrieve reliable you can make sure parts of the phone during the duration of the access, if you don’t expect the car back, you have to make sure everything as much as possible immediately you receive the phone and before payment of the agreed price.

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