What you should know about the antitrust case the European with Google

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Agree company Google a fine of up to $ 11 million depending on how you connect it between the Google Search and the Chrome browser with the operating system of mobile devices our Android, because in spite of being the operating system depends on open source software, there are some of the most useful parts which are considered as private property of Google like maps, search, and assures the company that any person or company wishing to use this feature, we must instead use other services to generate money for the giant search.

Has Google is liable to a fine amounting to about $ 11 billion in the case found the investigation conducted by the Antimonopoly authority of the European Union that such conduct constitutes an abuse for a dominant position in the market, despite the fact that this fine will not have much impact on the Android users or device makers or service providers, except that legal remedies that usually accompany these results could mean greater changes in the way in which license Google system Android, in particular access to research tools and the application store Play Store Play store.

Has become easier, in case it was forcing Google to change these agreements, the manufacturers of the phones main selling hardware with software Android Developer by a third party able to provide better security or better privacy software Google the default, or embed the devices, search engines or web browsers more suited to the needs of those companies.

What is the issue of the fight against the monopoly of Android?

Most of what I see most of the system of the operating system Android is part open source, which is what is known as the project of Android open source knowledge test on behalf of the AOSP, which is a nuclear basic software that communicates with elements of the hardware within the smart phone devices, so that allows to make calls and access the internet via a wireless network, anyone can use it and develop it.

Apart from that, there’s another key component is the Service Google portable known simply as GMS, which is the part that describes Google as the best, so that is part of the program, the phone that think of most people when they talk about the Android platform, so that it includes the assistant to Google Voice smartphone Google assistant, Maps application company, web browser, Chrome Chrome, email, Gmail Gmail.

This part also includes other apps such as the video platform YouTube and apply photos chat apps, and most of all contained in the store Play Store Play store, which allows users access to millions of apps, games, movies, TV shows and music, although you don’t have to pay for the use or distribution of the GMS, but you must enter into a licensing agreement with Google, so that they form these conventions are the substance of the case.

When the EU began to issue the Android platform to combat fraud?

The European Commission has opened in the month of April 2015, a formal investigation on whether Google has violated European Union rules to combat fraud by entering into agreements anti-competitive or abuse of its dominant position in the market, the Commission said at the time that such actions can hamper development and mobile operating systems, applications and services competition to the market at the expense of consumers and developers of innovative products and services.

Is considered to Android operating system mobile devices the most widely used in Europe, so that it advanced on iOS iOS Apple TV, and since the Committee began its investigations so far out towels two of the market systems and smart phones are the Microsoft Windows Mobile Microsoft Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS BlackBerry OS.

The Committee focused its investigations on three allegations:

⚀ Whether Google may have impeded the illegal development of applications or services the mobile competition and access through the claims of manufacturers of smart phones, tablets, or urge them to install Google Apps or services in advance.

⚁ Whether Google has prevented companies smartphones and tablets, which want to install their applications and services on some Android devices affiliate, from the development and marketing of modified versions of the Android system (so-called “Android forks”) on the other devices, which displays the illegal development of operating systems competitive mobile applications or services the mobile and their access to markets.

⚂ And whether Google may have impeded the illegal development of applications and services competition and accessibility by linking or bundling some of its applications and services group I devices Android with its apps and other services or duties of a software applications from Google.

Is the EU accused Google officially?

The competition Commissioner of the European Union, Margaret and her Margrethe Vestager, sending a “statement of objections” in the month of April 2016 to the company Google, which is the formal charges that were expected of the police response, where the company has been accused of breaking European Union rules to combat fraud, with the abuse and misuse of its dominant position to impose restrictions on manufacturers of Android devices and the operators of mobile phone networks.

Google responded from their side they have applied the strategy related to mobile devices in order to maintain its dominance and strengthen its position in the field of Internet research in general, and this strategy is that the Google search engine was previously installed as a default search or exclusive on most Android devices that are sold in Europe, as well as preventing search engines the competition of the use of web browsers and operating systems of the competition from entering the market.

It also accused the company Google preventing smartphone manufacturers and operators of mobile phone networks financial incentives to install the search engine Google in advance of on their device, or make its installation process, this condition for access to the store Play Store Play store.

The statement of objections as an official document issued by the Antimonopoly authority of the European Union, namely the European Commission, responsible for cases of anti-competitive practices or abuse of dominance in the market, this statement outlines how the Committee intends that a company violated the Law of the European Union, and to give the company the opportunity to defend the same, either in writing or through an oral hearing.

What are the next steps?

The Committee, after reviewing the police response to seeing there is the issue of actual capacity on demand from the company providing the formal obligations to rectify the situation or issue a decision imposing a compensation or a fine or both, with reference to that there is no deadline to be the Committee’s investigations, but the signs coming from Brussels indicating that it will publish its decision on the case of the Android platform by August 2018.

The Committee could, theoretically, in the case of Google and Android to impose a financial penalty of up to $ 11 million, or 10 percent of the rates the parent company of the $ 110 million in 2017, knowing that the recent fines to combat fraud did not reach such numbers.

There is also a separate investigation is still ongoing with regard to the service online advertising network called AdSense, in view of the restrictions imposed by the giant search on web sites about hosting Search Ads from its competitors, this may expose the company to a fine similar.

The Commission has previously fined Google $ 2.7 million in June 2017, about 3 percent of its revenue in the previous year, within the case of anti-monopoly related abuse of dominance of its search engine etc to promote the services of its registration when compared to competing services.

The Commission had fined a number of other companies abuse their dominance, as Qualcomm in January 2018 for a fine of $ 1.2 million, or slightly less than 5 percent of its annual revenue, while the fine Intel $ 1.3 million in the month of June 2014, which represented about 4 percent of the company’s revenue for the previous year.

I have also asked Apple to pay 13 million euros to the Irish government, and called Amazon to re-250 million euros to Luxembourg, and fined facebook the amount of 110 million euros to give the misleading statements in relation to the acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014.

It should be noted that the present case may lead to the Commission’s request to Google to change the way permits extras GSM in Android, including search engine and Play store, or request the obligations of the company to undertake these changes, it may mean that availability of mobile phones has access to the Play store, but with the availability of other search engines or web browsers other default instead of Google Search or the web Chrome Chrome.

What you should know about the antitrust case the European with Google

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