What would be the Apple in its conference in the month of March next?

In general, the Apple Conference for developers in the beginning of June – June, i.e. in the summer, which is particular operating systems, and has a special conference in September, usually a conference in the month of March, in the spring, will you take this year to hold this conference? And what would it be?

عن ماذا ستكشف آبل في مؤتمرها في شهر مارس المقبل ؟

What would be the Apple in its conference in the month of March next?

Any confirmation about the conference the month of March?

Truth and yet there are no references to formal, and from the channels close to Apple, however there are harbingers about the leadership of Apple to hold a conference during the month of March, the reasons are multiple including the following:

  • Need Apple to push the pace and wheel sales of its devices on the car recently.
  • It’s time to reveal the second generation of their iPhone. SE.
  • Monitor 2 from iPad the new Apple.
  • Detect iOS version 11.3 and the battery.

All of these reasons certainly may be the motive for Apple to hold its spring usual, but today we’ll talk about the most important what they will see in conference, they are the devices expected to be revealed by Apple.

Device iPhone SE – solution in order to push sales of the Apple !

Come Apple TV in the last period of sales is rather weak, especially in the last quarter of last year, although its revenues are large, but the low sales of the iPhone X do not impact significantly on the incomes of Apple, this may be detected iPhone SE 2 is important.

Of course talking about the This device is not new, it has ever been and we monitor the leaks about it, the goal of this machine is mainly is to push sales of the Apple TV forward, the evaluation device has a great demand in many markets, especially after Apple towards reducing some of the prices of its organs somewhat, compared to years past.

You can review important details about it through: do you see the second generation of iPhone SE this year?!

What about iPad’s? Will we see new devices?

If there are doubts about the iPhone SE the second generation, it for iPad, it’s almost a certainty, as collectively many of the leaks about the leadership of Apple to reveal the iPad New this year, and likely is the Conference for the month of March.

Where was the monitoring of the numbers of the model device from Apple, namely: A1954 وA1893, with one supporting Wi-Fi only, while the second additionally supports LTE network, with the description of the Apple TV them as tablet computers.

In terms of specifications, it is expected to support these devices important advantages such as: facial recognition, Face ID, with a weighting of the possibility that holds the full screen like the iPhone X, and we can call it iPad X.

With that, the all out of the question, reports have indicated that Apple may postpone the date of detection of such devices to its conference for developers in June – next June, or may postpone it until next fall, despite everything, so much for entering the month of March, and will provide assurances about all of this soon.

Do you agree with the idea of launching the iPhone SE 2’s? Are you interested with iPad?

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