What will the global economy 20 years from now? The opinion of the co-founder of the Ethereum

The future is much grander than you imagine. At least this convinced the co-founder of Ethereum ‘s Joseph Lubin. A couple of days ago, he attended the SXSW Conference, where he talked about the prospects for the global economy for the next 20 years. During this period, global markets will be at least 10 times more, and the blockchain will be implemented almost in every aspect of Finance.

The key to success.

Unfortunately, there are not so many “normal” people use digital assets on an ongoing basis. However, says Lubin, “in 1983, not many people use email”.

During his speech, the expert has promised that Ethereum 2.0 will get rid of many flaws that currently has a project.

In the ecosystem of Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment you need a lot of specialized equipment for the production of coins. It is the excessive consumption and waste of computing power. Ethereum 2.0 will give us the blockchain system with much more potential to scale with much less resource consumption.

We will remind, Joe Lubin does not consider courses crypto currency is the only true indicator of the magnitude of the stock market. In his opinion, the adoption of Ethereum worldwide is growing rapidly, even despite the fall of its value. A few weeks later, Lubin again has predicted a “bright future” for all cryptocurrencies.

But the community seem to have found a better alternative instead of Ethereum. According to a recent survey, Weiss Ratings, the second capitalization of the coin is chosen less likely respondents.

Image source — Bitcoinist

Maybe the air will become much more popular after the integration of the new algorithm of mining ProgPoW. The developers of Ethereum Foundation are going to include it in the next major update of the project under the name of Istanbul.

Even more interesting are looking for in our cryptodata.


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