What will happen to Google if it will shut off smartphones from Huawei Android

The ban on conducting joint activities of Huawei and American companies could hurt the latter even more than I could imagine in the US government. About this CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei has warned Google, which is likely to suffer the most. According to him, if the smartphone Huawei will be deprived of access Android and services the search giant, he faces tremendous reputational and financial losses, to recover which will be almost impossible.

If Google would support a ban on the use of Android in smartphones Huawei, the audience operating system and services will be reduced so much that even the brands of the first echelon will not be able to make up for this loss. First and foremost is, of course, is due to the high popularity that smartphones Huawei consumers, and thus their translation into platform different from Android, consistently will reduce its audience.

The conflict of Google and Huawei

“In fact, Google and Huawei share a common goal. If our smartphones will lose access to Android, Google will lose about 800 million users,” said Zhengfei.

No matter how arrogant not heard the statement of the Chinese entrepreneur, but to argue with him is difficult. Audience Huawei large enough to compensate for Google’s outflow of nearly a billion dedicated users can neither Xiaomi or Samsung, or especially the Oppo. At least, such growth will require extraordinary effort and will take many years. As a result Google will lose the money that Huawei had paid her for licensing Android and its services, as well as funding from ordinary users who use paid services of the search giant.

What about Huawei Android without

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But Huawei, in turn, is almost not affected. Not only that, the Chinese have already prepared their own operating system to replace Android, so even American companies, which first announced the severance of relations, expressed a desire to return to cooperation. For this they had to find loopholes in U.S. law that allowed them to work with Huawei through foreign affiliates, without fear of legal consequences at home.

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