What will be the price of Bitcoin in 2019? The predictions of industry leaders

If you ignore all the fundamental and infrastructural development in 2018, and to focus only on price, then this period can be considered one of the worst for digital assets. The year began with Bitcoin for 14 thousand dollars when he had just begun a rapid decline from a historical high. All 12 months of the coin is steadily falling, despite the claims of many that this is only temporary difficulties on the way to the coveted “moon”. Now that Bitcoin has rebounded slightly to 4 thousand, it became interesting that we have prepared for next year.

Bitcoin price: scenario bears

Perhaps start with the most pessimistic forecast of a supporter of Bitcoin Cash SV, Calvin Eyre. 57-year-old entrepreneur from the sphere of Internet games are so fond of their child, Craig Wright, he did not doubt his sole dominance on the stock market in the near future. At the same time, he predicts Bitcoin to fall to zero.

And although the businessman a lot of like-minded people, no one dares to talk about specific dates. For example, in June the main cryptofascist Nouriel Dr.Doom Roubini said that the blockchain is the most overrated technology in history. Roubini argues that it is not yet ready, but someday Bitcoin will be worth about zero dollars.

No single asset class in the history of mankind have never experienced such a rapid boom and subsequent complete failure.

Bitcoin price: the scenario bulls

As noted NewxBTC, not everything is so pessimistic about the prospects of Bitcoin as Roubini and air. The first thing to remember about Mike Novogratz. Previously CEO and founder of Galaxy Digital several times quite accurately predicted the price of coins. According to him, in 2019 BTC will show us new highs.

Chief creative Director BitPay Sonny Singh also believes that the Bitcoin to the end of the year back to around 20 thousand.

This is not talking about Tom Lee of Fundstrat, which predicts the main cryptocurrency, the price of 36 thousand has for 2019.

One of the most balanced opinions expresses David Thomas. According to Director and co-founder of the brokerage company for digital assets GlobalBlock, institutionally do not hurry in criptural. However, he mentions previous price performance during a similar collapse, after which the coin each time it took about 67 weeks to fully recover and reach new highs. However, this time he is not so optimistic.

After positive news about the ETF and Bitcoin regulation should be reduced to 8-10 thousand throughout 2019.

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