What we expect from Apple’s conference tomorrow?

Hold Apple every year three or four occasions. Usually there will be happened to the spring in March, this is the conference for developers in June, and the biggest event will be in September and the Apple iPhone and the Apple Watch, and sometimes there are events in the month of October if there are devices iPad or Mac devices anticipated in the fall. Certainly there will be a follow-up to live those events as usual, then provide a detailed article with all contained therein, what is expected from Apple in the conference on March 25, 2019, especially after the launch of iPad Air and iPad mini headphones AirPods few days ago?

Scheduled Apple conference tomorrow, Monday, March 25. According to rumors, Apple plans to focus on the service sector in the first place, especially service news the new Apple TV and TV. Here’s what we expect to see:

Service news Apple TV

Offer Apple TV news service monthly subscription $ 9.99 per month, gives users news Apple TV with unlimited access to the news and stories from web sites driven such as the Wall Street Journal, and the Apple TV down to the likes of those news sites and magazines paid for to get 50% of all subscription revenue.

Services will include the council also similar to the service provided by the Texture, the application of the council, bought by Apple in 2018.

Texture – Unlimited Magazines



Next Issue Media

Size 65.0 MB
Version 5.11.8
متاح في متجر البرامج


Television broadcast service

Work Apple is also a television broadcast service that is expected to include more than two dozen TV show films in progress. This is in addition to get the subscriptions of those service providers the “author” such as TV wired, internet wired.

And Apple to allow its customers to register in services such as Starz and Showtime directly within the TV application, and can provide the Apple company also bundles channels gathering content from providers, “cable” multi at a low price.

There is no information about the cost of this service, but Apple will at an event in March and will be launched later this year, maybe in summer or autumn. It is worth mentioning that he has been invited many celebrities attend this event such as comedian Steve Carell and others.

iOS 12.2

Version the current demo of this update already contains hints news service Apple. So, there is also to say Apple released an update iOS 12.2 immediately after the completion of the event, to give users access to new subscriptions.

Along with this subscription service, featuring the application of Apple News new states such as Canada, and also offer name new, support HomeKit TV for TV, a third party, as well as a lot of other modifications we’ll talk about later in detail when the release the update.

Also noteworthy is that iOS 12.2 perspective its release, already installed on devices the IP-the new iPad that was announced a few days ago, it updates a special headset Apple AirPods.

New features for Apple Pay

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to address the features of Apple Pay, the new event March 25, which will lay the foundation for a credit card iPhone, with Goldman Sachs, the Goldman Sachs Foundation is a financial services and investment an American multinational, is one of the months banking institutions in the United States and the world. But it is not entirely clear what new features will the Apple TV, but there are updates to the design of the wallet application Wallet in iOS 12.2 surely will Apple highlighted at the conference. It is expected that the application contains the wallet on the features that are not available for credit card standard, such as tools for budget recommendations, spending, borders, and more.

New devices

Since Apple announced number of products a few days ago, expectations with the issuance of the iPod touch than the previous generation soon in addition to the AirPower soon, don’t expect to see any announcements about any new hardware at this event, but who knows maybe we are surprised by Apple.

Other details

Will organize an event for March 25 at ten o’clock a.m. the American West, and 7 pm Cairo time, the second time the Mecca. At the scene of Steve Jobs at Apple Park. Intends to the Apple event broadcast directly through its website, and through the application of Events on the Apple TV. We’ll follow the event and publish a detailed article soon after completing, continue with us.

What do you expect from the conference Apple TV March 25 not mentioned? Tell us in the comments.



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