What users of the technical vision in 2019 is?

ما الذي يتوقع مُستخدمي التقنية رؤيته في عام ٢٠١٩ ؟

Asked the company “Ericsson – Ericsson” the second version of its annual report on consumer trends in the technical market for the New Year 2019, which is issued by the laboratory of the consumers in the company.

Deals with the annual report of the ideas and expectations of consumers about future technologies that are waiting to see her in the next year, and ambitions did not wait to make it technical possible during the New Year. The Shape of the artificial intelligence techniques, virtual reality, the technique of the fifth generation of mobile networks, technologies of automation, automatic business daily the main axis of its consumers, as well as to their expectations for the future during the New Year.

The report indicates that the techniques of artificial intelligence that predicts the mood of the user will help change the daily lives of individuals drastically in the coming years. Says Dr. Michael Bjorn, Head of research at the laboratory of the consumer press about it, ” imagine that future technology will provide us with a smartphone know you very well, it can thanks to the artificial intelligence identify the psychological state experienced by just by looking in your eyes.”

Included a list of the most popular trends that have spread consumers the vision for the year 2019 and after, the following:

  • Smart devices are wearable computing devices: more than 60% of users, devices and apps personal assistant virtual to devices that understand the situation more and the user will become the devices popular use during the three years from now.
  • Personal assistants smart: believe in more than 65% of users aid of virtual devices, intelligent conversation, like Amazon Echo, will serve as a platform that can talk to her and discuss important topics just as we do with family members in three years from now.
  • More personal data in the cloud, a pinch of privacy: is more than 45% of consumers that many applications collect data even when not in use.
  • Approval is compulsory, and more the lack of privacy: showed 51% of consumers they get so annoyed from the necessity to accept cookies “cookies – Cookies” that collect data when users visit various internet sites currently.
  • The use of augmented reality in the development of skills through more than 50% of the users of the techniques of artificial intelligence and virtual reality from their desire to get apps and glasses and gloves provide guidance to help accomplish the task daily work such as cooking, or making repairs in the House.
  • Automation of daily tasks without user intervention: stated about half of the users of the service aid default on their desire to use that aid smart in paying bills and subscription services automatically, in addition to providing domestic situations, they need to in an automatic way.
  • Twin digital default: expressed 48% of the users of the techniques of artificial intelligence and virtual reality on their desire for personalized design electronic try them in an integrated manner.
  • Technique fifth generation: is about 20% of smart phone users that the technique of the fifth generation will provide better communication for Internet of Things devices, such as appliances and utilities.

While addressing those expectations of the future among the technologies useful to make human life more easier, and trends of the new general considered by some to be a violation of privacy and a threat to the desire of humans to maintain their lives private away from the eyes, and companies, but that technology by nature tend to combine the two sides in all of its applications.

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