What use Am I as a user from entering Obi Saudi market?

Coinciding with the growing popularity of the Chinese phones like Huawei, and the intensification of competition between them and other companies, the company Obi recently established a dedicated account to the Saudis on Twitter, with a declaration of intention to enter the market of phones in the Kingdom officially through 2019.

Here are the top benefits of entering OBO for the Saudi market:

Service what after the sale

According to expectations, it is possible to say Obi opened the first branches of its service during the first half of next year, to provide through him a large number of smart phones, most prominent at cheap prices approach cost China, in addition to provide all maintenance services and various with the provision of any pieces necessary to switch.

This comes after distinguish the Saudi market as one of the most important and fastest market growth in the Middle East, especially after the announcement of the Apple facing officially the kingdom is also a few months ago.

Given the fact that the treatment of OnePlus a subsidiary of oppo, you might up a manufacturer’s flagship phones Economic to Saudi Arabia is also the beginning of 2020 and later, to have the phones and accessories for various competitive prices and provide the best possible performance with after sales service..


At the same time, witness the competition between phone companies a great height, especially after that enable Chinese companies from taking over market share is higher in several global markets, including the Saudi market, which has become a large market, and download Huawei the car on the first place in which through the increased focus opening more service centers as stated tin you voila.

New companies entering the market like the Oppo achieved its highest sales in the Chinese market and also the Apple will increase the competition and interest in the end is the user, so that they will try to show their best to get it.

With the presence of Samsung and Apple also in the category of flagship phones, the so-called Uber to enter the market category minimum medium of the phones with great force, although its excellence is also the category leader across several phones like FIND X.

This expected many of the launch of the first service centers Obi-Kiev can get any of its organs to ensure local inclusive of all parts of the phones, which is what we expect from the Chinese manufacturer, which justifies the interest in camera phones significantly.

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