What use am I as a user from entering Apple’s market price?

Under the care to develop the sector of communication and information, the kingdom issued commercial licenses for three technology companies are Apple and ZTE وHPE, and decided to invest 650 million riyals paid over five years, according to the Journal of economic.

This and my discussion with other global companies to create opportunities for the localization of their investment in the kingdom and building partnerships for new investment, including Airbus, Raytheon, Alcoa, Chevron, Zahid heavy equipment.

And speaking of facing Apple in Saudi Arabia and the impact on the price of the products, it will be no different, since in both cases the company will price in the local market, this means that the prices will be since the beginning for Saudi and UAE nationals will be equal.

The dates of delivery of the products, it is usual practice to start connecting the hardware after you start the world markets shopping two weeks later, but the existence of Apple stores in Saudi Arabia, the timing will be in line with the world.

And most of all, is to improve maintenance service and after-sales service, where will take place locally without the need to migrate the hardware to the UAE, which saves time and money on the user, and of course with providing the best quality and attention to customer services such as replacing old appliances with with the payment of the difference in financial and perhaps the launch of Apple Pay in the near future, States using iPhone without the need for debit cards or Cash Cards.

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