What to give the New year a lover of gadgets?

Trite phrase “what to give loved ones for the New year” often topped rankings of gifts, published in different editions. This is the stamp we are spared, but not to prepare your rating of accessories that you can give for a holiday family or his beloved, we could not.

The gifts are different and fall into different price categories, so we have prepared a rating so that there were goods of different price groups. And it’s not just smartphones and tablets (which you can splurge), and some really interesting gadgets that will be useful to users of all ages.


Recently, backpacks have been actively using urban residents, and in the metropolis especially important to keep the contents protected. Your contribution to the development of “protected” backpacks made by the Dutch company XD Design, releasing a line of anti-theft backpacks Bobby. One of the newest members of the series is considered to be Bobby Urban is a unique backpack that is made of a fabric that is resistant to cuts: the material is ultra high molecular weight high density polyethylene, fiberglass, and polyester special strength. By combining these three materials, the manufacturer has managed to create a coating that is 15 times stronger than steel and 40 % stronger than aramid fibre (Kevlar).

Not without other chips like pocket strap zipper RFID protection, which previously did not have backpacks Bobby. You can easily put in the pocket a Bank card without fear that it will be compromised.

Noteworthy are also the backpacks and bags from the Pacsafe company. A feature of these backpacks is multi-layered protection that provides a variety of patented mechanisms — for example, in model Vibe 25. The section of the outer surface prevents the steel mesh in the fabric and steel slings in the straps and the interlocking zipper sliders are fixed to the Roobar Sport with three-stage protection. The backpack features ergonomic, breathable seat back practical organiser of the interior space.

We should also mention the 5 year warranty on all backpacks and handbags Pacsafe.

Health care

Every year there are more gadgets that allow you to keep fit and stay healthy. The easiest option — smart scales Picoocthat will sinkhronizatsiya via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi app on your smartphone and read many parameters from the weight and total percentage of fat tissue to muscle mass, protein and water in the body. We in edition have the Mini model that does not take up much space and executes almost all the functions of the older versions.

Another advanced gadget for health care — fitness bracelet Healbe GoBe 2, which can count calories and monitor water balance of the user. He not only analyzes the bioimpedance, but also equipped with a sensor galvanic skin response, a sensor measuring heart rate, as well as gyro, magnetometer and accelerometer. Because the bracelet analyzes itself, no need to record your calorie intake and use various calculators, and all data is transmitted in a handy app for iOS or Android.

Well, what is sport without a morning jog (at least on the track)? A great companion will be Elari Nanopods Sport headphones — an alternative to the famous AirPods from Apple, which is almost two times less. NanoPods Sport fitted the latest Bluetooth version (5.0) and full protection against water ingress (IP67), swim in the pool without problems. Have AirPods even with no protection from sweat. Headphones work offline for 3.5 hours, and carrying case with integrated battery increases this number several times.

To work

In any work the main thing — to efficiently allocate their time on tasks. Will the special time management tracker TimeFlip: it is a small cube with 12 faces. On each side shows the activity — for example, the thought process, break for a Cup of coffee, surfing the Internet, email and, of course, social networks.

Enough to put the cube in front of him that image up than it is currently doing. The gadget will automatically start to count spent on this activity time and transmit data to the mobile application.

Speaking of coffee — this is another essential thing when working, which is often necessary as the air: and so we need to be able to brew yourself a Cup of Joe anywhere. In this case invented the manual coffee machinethat can brew espresso is not worse than a full unit. The gadget is powered by the manual compression, creating pressure to 15 Bar, and everything you need for cooking – hot water from the boiler or kettle, and a spoon of coffee. In just 40 seconds you get a Cup of coffee anywhere: on the road, long journey or just at work if you don’t want to go to a coffee shop.

For entertainment

I guess every man has pleasant memories about how in the childhood we boys were busy with the tree and created various masterpieces — whether it be the stool in the classroom work or the drawings, rendered on Board with vigilance. Whatever it was, the smell of wood definitely takes each of us back to childhood more than the movies or the music from those times. A few years ago it was really thanks to designers from Ugears.

This is a startup, which has been producing unique wood designers — from trucks and locomotives to tractors, musical instruments. All of them are built without nails and without a single drop of glue. Buying wooden designer, you get the box with several sheets of plywood in which the parts cut using laser cutting. For example, before opening the casket with a secret, you need to solve a complicated puzzle.

The perfect gift for the gamer will be the headphones HyperX Cloud Stinger. Kingston, which owns the brand, managed the arc to break into the gaming headsets market with its line of Cloud, today these devices have heard almost everyone who at least a little bit interested in high-quality gaming audio. This headset, which, along with its almost imperceptible weight can boast of a very extraordinary technical characteristics, accurate positioning of sound sources and incredible comfort.

You can, of course, an even more unusual gift. For example, the Seek Thermal is a compact and pretty easy to use thermal imager with a variety of possible applications both in the home and in the workplace. Forget about expensive cameras with their own screen, which was worth an unimaginable sum. Seek Thermal is connected directly to your smart phone, including iPhone, and uses it as a screen computing machine.

For children

If you are puzzled what to give the child a note on Elari KidPhone smart watch 3G — this kids ‘ watch with voice assistant Alice from Yandex, support for video calling and tracking. With this device, the child can communicate with parents and friends in the chat mode: it can be called as smart phones parents and other KidPhone 3G. And Alice will be able to answer any question, to tell the tale, to play the game in General, will be a great companion for your child and can talk with him in the same language.

And new year discounts?

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