What to expect from altcoins in the next week? Analyze graphs

How is the market for altcoins? Spoiler: very bad. Investors continue to suffer losses, and the coins were falling below key support levels. The only coin that somehow showed itself last week was Stellar. Other cryptocurrencies are looking for a new bottom in order to begin a new phase of accumulation.


Judging by the day schedule, the EOS will continue to decline in the coming days. Recently, the coin has fallen below the support zone of $ 4, than has provoked a relatively strong plums.

Image source — NewsBTC

In this situation EOS possible to short down to $ 1.5. Here is the main purpose of the bears. Hopes for a rollback yet. Even if it takes place, the asset is unlikely to break the line of 4 dollars, which has now become new resistance.


After a couple weeks of flat sellers Litecoin broke above support near $ 50. The price of the asset ran down and at the moment is $ 32.

Image source — NewsBTC

Now the new “bottom” for the coin will be the line $ 30. If the fall continues, should keep an eye on the area $ 20. Recommend to refrain from trading Litecoin, as is now likely to begin the next stage flat.


In comparison with the rest of the market, XLM can be called “tough nut” — the last shock of the fall of Bitcoin is not so much reflected in the coin. Yeah, she fell back to the nearest support, but still retains stability.

Image source — NewsBTC

At the moment I recommend to follow two levels — 30 and 15 cents. If the bears manage to break through the last line, the asset can safely short down to 8 cents. In the coming weeks Stellar will continue to consolidate in the specified limits.


During the Malta Summit Blockchain is the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson announced the intention to register a startup IOHK as an American company in the territory of Wyoming. However, this news did not affect the price of the cryptocurrency.

Image source — NewsBTC

1-daily chart of the coin fell below the 7 cents that was a good sign to sell. Now ADA is trading in zone 4 cents and has remained relatively stable at a smaller scale.


Like other coins, Monero is possible to short. In this situation, only the short position will earn money. The next support levels — 50 and $ 30.

Image source — NewsBTC

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