What to do with old Apple equipment if bought new?

This year, Apple several times already pleased us with novelties: the first showed the iPad, then updated the iMac, even AirPods 2 appeared (and this despite the fact that the iPhone continues to buy up like hotcakes). What remains to do with old devices? Most often they are sold and used the money to buy, for example, a set of accessories. But there are still several uses of old gadgets Apple – no posting ads, no meetings in shopping centers, where there is a risk to face the fraud.

Shop i-Ray.ru offers you the opportunity to trade in their old device through the discounts on new, but also sell it, get money on hand, as well as to exchange defective or just a boring device to a new or more modern model. The store accepts not only iPhone but also iPad, the smart watch Apple Watch and MacBook computers, and the design of the application is carried out directly on the website.

So, for example, to sell the iPhone, just visit this link where to choose the model of your old device, body color, memory size and package of the phone. You also determine the appearance of the device: “As new”, if your smartphone without any traces of wear, Good (minor scratches), “Medium” if you have noticeable chips, or “Bad” — lots of chips and scratches, including on the display. It is easier and faster than selling the gadget through ads, to appoint meetings and to communicate with buyers.

After staying for a desire to describe briefly the smartphone in a free form (if you are interested in an exchange, specify which iPhone want to replace), upload photos of the device and leave contact details. Filling out the form takes no more than five minutes or even less.

As soon as you send the application, the Manager will contact you to inform you about the preliminary cost. If you agree with it, come to the shop, a specialist in your presence, performs diagnosis of the device, calls the final estimated value, then you get the money in hand.

Wishing to become the owner of a new device just pay the difference in price: you come with your old iPhone — go new! Conveniently, you can pass multiple devices for the acquisition of new and desirable gadget. The store will assess all devices and combine them into a discount. In other words, you not only get a good discount on the purchase of a new iPhone trade-in, but can buy any other device from Apple, which are available in the store. It can also be done by filling in the form on the websitefrom the comfort of home.

With regard to the exchange device, the procedure takes about 5 to 10 days. The cost of the exchange is much cheaper than repair the old device, with this you get a new device after installation without, in the original film and with official warranty from Apple. Only — exchange are not permitted disassembled the device or those that have aftermarket parts and appliances under two years old.

For iPad, the Apple Watch and the MacBook is filled in a similar form of model, status, upload photos, then link Manager. Conveniently, irrespective of your goals is to sell the device, or to change to the new surcharge, need to fill in only one form.

By the way, in addition to the Trade-In program, i-Ray.ru offers Apple gadgets and for ordinary purchases at very good prices.


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