What to do with gift cards iTunes after closing it

This Monday, Apple did what was expected of it from time immemorial, the company officially closed iTunes. Probably, this decision was rather ideological in nature, since all of the functions of the utility is distributed among three independent applications and the operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina. However, closing iTunes has generated a lot of questions, one of which was the question about the future of iTunes cards that have not disappeared from the market and still available for purchase.

iTunes card is a small cardboard card with a value from 500 to 3000 rubles, which can be credited to your account Apple ID. They can be used to purchase music, apps, movies, audiobooks, and almost all other digital goods, which Apple offers in the App Store and iTunes Store. And since the iTunes store, unlike iTunes, will still continue to function, the ability to buy audio and video content will be available after the close of the last.

What to buy with iTunes card

However, iTunes cards can pay not only the purchase but also a subscription. The value that is credited to your account, you can use iCloud, Apple Music, and later will probably be able to pay thus the Arcade and Apple services Apple TV+that will debut this year. Therefore, if you have not redeemed the iTunes card, do not worry, they are guaranteed to not disappear, because Apple doesn’t abandon their customers.

In General, closing iTunes, like apps, was asking for a very long time. Over the years, he absorbed too many functions, becoming similar to the brainchild of Dr. Frankencat. Apple continue to continue to keep iTunes, he certainly had grown to an even greater number of innovations that would turn it into a kind of operating system. And so, in Cupertino have done very well, spreading out the iTunes functionality for independent applications and users while retaining all the features of the deceased site.

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