What to do to favorite cat turned out well in the photo?

Probably everyone who lives at home a cat or a dog, wanted to photograph her, but faced with the fact that sometimes this is extremely difficult due to the increased activity of the animal or, conversely, absolute indifference to the process. We have put together some tips on how to immortalize your favorite animal in the memory of your smartphone and social networks.

Problems when photographing animals the due to the fact that for them this is often some unusual process, so it’s very sociable cats and dogs immediately begin to show increased interest in the photographer. Especially if it’s their owner.

The tips given in this article apply particularly to photographing Pets, and most of them are poorly applicable to taking pictures of animals in their natural habitat or the zoo. And the smartphone when shooting wild animals won’t be able to get rid of. For this purpose, we need a technique more seriously.

Animals you can shoot in a Studio, outdoors or at home. Since we are primarily interested in shooting on the smartphone in normal situations, the special attention we pay to the second and third option.

Don’t come here, spook

If you noticed an interesting behavior of a pet and want to shoot, it is not necessary to run to him, getting on-the-go smartphone. If so you are surely not going to scare him, then, at least, distract from the fact classes, which wanted to capture.

Instead, a simple but reliable method is to immediately take a picture. That is the maximum distance. After this little walk up and take another shot. So worth it to have effect as long as you don’t get the frame I wanted and if the animal will not escape.

This way, even if the animal runs away, will make “at least some” snapshot, then you can try to improve it. If at some point the animal will run away you will have something.

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Work together

If the animal is very excited and is not ready to sit quietly, showing to you the maximum interest, and you still want to photograph it, you should get yourself a helper.

Assistant at the time the photos will be able to distract the animal from you and you will get an interesting angle when the pet is looking slightly to the side away from the camera. These angles significantly add pictures of naturalness and make them more expressive.

If the assistant handles a camera better, it is possible to change places with him, but do not forget that your pet is showing you more interest than someone else. As a result, it can leave the scene of the shooting and run away to you.

In any case, remember that if you do not, it is not necessary to loudly Express their emotions. The animal even more lost, start to get nervous and finally pluck shooting. If nothing happens, it is better just to feed an animal. So it calms down a bit, and you will become easier.

Shoot on the street

This advice will not suit everyone, but will provide good light for shooting. Of course, if we are talking about the daily walk. And for obvious reasons, this advice applies more to dog owners.

It is worth noting that not is possible to choose to shoot midday. At this time the sun is most active, and the pictures may get more contrast than you need.

Also do not forget that dogs on the street become more active. In this case, it is necessary to transfer the smartphone to manual mode and reduce the shutter speed to at least 1/125 sec., and better yet, less. Here you will come good street lighting. It often allows to reduce the exposure almost to 1/1000 sec.

If your smartphone supports the shooting sports, you should not ignore this mode. It will allow your smartphone to be constantly focused on the animal, and you don’t miss out a beautiful jump or a funny pose.

Consider the nature of

Even if you weren’t planning on filming outside, you still should think about sport mode and shooting with shutter priority. This will take into account the nature and level of mobility of your cat or dog.

It should be noted immediately that the average cat is much calmer medium dog. It is more lazy, less mobile and allows you to shoot yourself with a fairly slow shutter speed. The dog, on the contrary, as a rule, it wags its tail and do more moves.

To compensate for the short exposure, it is necessary to include all the light in the room. But do not use flash. You can try, but most likely, the result will be questionable. When photographing animals with flash they are very much a part of the glittering eyes, and the rest of the photo is dark and blurry.

Eye to eye

There is one rule when photographing animals is to observe that the pictures were not in order. If you begin to use it, you quickly will understand, why to do it.

The rule is that practically any animal you have to shoot at eye level. So you don’t just capture the hairy pillow on the couch, and literally plunge into the world of the animal, looking at it from the angle from which you look at him his kind.

This method also allows you to more fully disclose the details of the muzzle of the animal, adding expression and if you want to disclose him as a person. And if you combine it with the rule of thirds, the result is a very pleasant surprise.

Don’t forget about the background

The last advice is probably worth to start, there will be a recommendation to control the background. Not following this rule often spoils the perfect images and the animal turned out fine and colors are good, but the background is an old vacuum cleaner or a rusty trashcan.

Sometimes, to avoid such a marriage, rather just go one step aside and unwanted object will be hidden in the narration space, but many people forget to pay attention to it.

Synthesis said

Animals is harder than it looks, but if you can pull it off beautifully, such a picture is not just to adorn the gallery of your smartphone, but can also be proudly shown to friends. Beautiful pictures of animals are always fun to show, and in order that they do not have to be a professional with an expensive camera. Take stunning images on a smartphone, if you follow the above mentioned tips.

To pictures of Pets you happy, it is necessary to make so that they were not scared, were fed and involved in the process. Successful to you of shots!

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