What to do if you lost Android smartphone?

Always hate something to lose. But I think there is nothing worse than losing a smartphone, which for most users is a valuable tool for many daily tasks, and communication with the outside world – only one of them. However, even if this happens, you should not panic, because there is a way to find the missing. The main thing — not to delay and not rely on someone’s help, and to try to do something useful.

Few people know that in Android, like iOS, is a function of finding a lost smartphone. Its activation allows you to track the location of the device and even perform a number of actions aimed at ensuring the security of personal data.

How to find lost smartphone

To be able to trace the missing Android smartphone, it is important to activate the appropriate option in the settings. To do this, go to “Settings” — Google — “Security” – “Find device” and toggle the switch activated in the “on”position.

In case the smartphone is lost, go from computer to website “Find device” (if you have a Samsung smartphone, you can use the brand search). There you will see the location of the lost device if one is connected to the Internet. In addition, it is possible to ring the device that will come in handy, if the place of the search – high grass or the sand dunes, lock it and clean from all data.

If desired, you can lock the phone by sending it a message with your phone number and a promise of a reward. In this case, the finder can contact you and, with proper upbringing, to give you back the loss.

How to remotely clear the phone memory

Do not be afraid to resort to cleaning functions. This is best done immediately after you discover the loss, you still risk nothing. Once the device is found, you will be able to restore everything from a backup. Otherwise, you run the risk that the finder can access your data.

If you find the unit still fails, you can be glad that all of the data that was in memory, have not gone away. They are safely stored in your vault Google Drive. When you activate a new device, log in to your Google account and generate its configuration using stored backups by selecting the appropriate option.

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