What to do if you broke your iPhone screen

The most serious drawback of all modern smartphones is a fragile screen that can break after the first fall on a hard surface. Every year, manufacturers say that safety glass became stronger and more reliable, but even the new iPhone “I” as often as the previous one. And what to do if trouble is still not spared?

First, it is necessary to understand — whether completely replacing the display, or is it enough to replace the glass that protects the screen. To answer this question you need to know how to construct a display module in modern phones. Display iPhone 4 and newer is a single structure of the sensor, sensor lighting and glass, which protects the other components of the module.

Often after the fall of the iPhone is broken just the glass. It is logical that if the design is one, will have to change the whole display module, which is expensive. For this reason, many service centers offer a service to restore the display — but only if you have damaged glass. At this service there is only one advantage — price, and disadvantages more.

For example, the time this procedure takes much longer: an average of a few hours. But the replacement display module takes only half an hour. Also, many service centers are not responsible if your display is something happened during the restore. That is, if you have a slightly broken glass and you contacted the service in order to replace it, there is a great risk that you will have to change completely the display module.

In addition, do not forget that the quality of the displays, restored at the service center leaves much to be desired. How can you remain with a working screen and not pay crazy money for a replacement module?

Service center ModMac launches service to replace the glass on an iPhone. What distinguishes glass replacement in the service center? First, your iPhone will replace the display module entirely, which will save your time, and you pay only for the replacement glass! Then your broken screen and will go on a special production, which will produced a quality procedure to restore the module.

Second, you will not have unpleasant situation when a new module display will fail. And even if that happens, the specialists are responsible for the work done.

How much to replace glass on iPhone

Replacement glass for iPhone 6 (spare part + work) will be only 2 890 rubles, and the iPhone 7 – 3 990 rubles. A very small price to pay to get the iPhone with the new screen.


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