What the new Acer will be in Ukraine? Price, model and date of sale

Not so long ago Acer showed its new lineup of devices in new York. Sam was able to go there to shoot some video, so if you haven’t seen them, be sure to check it out. Presentations in the USA is well and good, but what of all shows gets to us and how much it will cost? We went to a local event Acer, where he was able to get all the details, which I will share with you.

At the presentation it was a lot of interesting devices, but let’s start with the most interesting and versatile, in my opinion, solutions – line Swift.

Acer Swift

Despite the fact that we “zazhralis”, I went in for a monstrous gaming laptop with millions of memory, namely the most accessible representative of the line – Swift 1.

Despite the cost, the device is made of aluminum, and the frame around the screen is very thin. Plus the compact size that are familiar to 13-inch laptops, did not prevent the manufacturer to install a 14-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

But most importantly – battery life and price. According to the manufacturer, Swift 1 was able to hold 20 hours of video watching, which is impressive when you consider the rather light and compact body. To achieve such results allowed a rather capacious battery and power-efficient platform (Celeron and Pentium 8th generation).

The laptop is already available for purchase in 16 variants and 4 colours. The basic package starts from 12 890 UAH. Now that’s more like a good option for the student.

But Swift 3 — product other categories. For an additional couple of thousand user gets more serious performance (up to the eighth generation i7), dedicated graphics accelerator MX 150 and more RAM (12 GB).

If desired, the user has the possibility to add a single die memory, which in 2018 is extremely rare, especially in such compact solutions.

The laptop will be available in early August in two versions (14 and 15 inches), eight trim levels and four colors. The base model is estimated at 17 090 UAH.

About the new Swift 5 you could already read on our website, but the Swift 7 is crisp. This is a very thin 14-inch ultrabook that can be the perfect portable option for a journalist. It is a pity that neither the date of sale, nor any official prices yet.

Acer Aspire

This is the most affordable line of not breaking records thickness or performance, offering the user optimal performance at a sane price tag.

This year the laptops got the new chips from Intel or AMD, core graphics accelerators (specifically Aspire 7 comes with a quite productive 1060\1050 Ti) and fine-tune the color of the screen.

Cost Aspire 1 starts from 5990 UAH, and for this amount the user gets a basic Celeron or Pentium, up to 12 GB of RAM, eMMC storage (32/64 GB) and integrated graphics core Intel 605.

In turn Aspire 3 is equipped with more efficient i3 or i5 (8130/8250U), Discretly MX130 and RAM up to 16 GB. In addition, variants are possible on the basis of processors from AMD. The price for the basic version will be 6990 UAH.

Well, the top model in the line, Aspire 7, have the silent updates. In the model changed only the used processors: now it’s i5-and i7 8300H-8750H, plus added a new module Wi-Fi MIMO 2×2. For the basic package will ask for 21 990 UAH. All representatives of this line will go on sale in July of this year.

Acer Nitro and Predator

Gaming products company is also not passed by the presentation. According to the company, the interest of the local buyer has increased significantly for such, so the Acer will only increase the number of gaming devices on the market.

Most affordable gaming laptop the company Acer Nitro 5. In fact, it’s slightly redesigned Aspire 7, but in the “gaming” case.

The market will be six variants, including models like Intel and AMD Ryzen. The cards we receive either 1050/1050Ti or Radeon RX 560X, and RAM will be no problem to change, without losing the warranty (maximum 32GB). Deliveries are expected in July, the Junior model will cost 23 990 UAH.

More serious products, which we already wrote here, I will visit the Ukrainian market. We will even get an exclusive white version of the Helios 300, which is a limited edition.

Normal Helios 300 will cost 36 690 for a model with 1050 Ti, and for the Helios 500 asked 59 990 UAH. But those who make the pre-order gift will give Mixed Reality headset Acer.

In addition, at the presentation told us that the laptops the company is not limited, and a new full-size Orion 5000 Orion 3000 and Nitro 50 will soon go on sale. Exact prices are not yet known, but the market will be as “simple” model with a GTX 1070, and a top with two GTX 1080Ti.

Well and peripherals, as without it. We get almost everything shown in new York, in addition to gaming chairs and case study. But about the dates and prices information either.

Products was really a lot, so expect a lot of reviews we have on the channel. And write in the comments which products you liked the most!

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