What the Ethereum Bitcoin better? The Answer Vitalik Buterin

Bitcoin is a recognized “standard”, which are equal to all other projects of the industry. Up to this point the creators of hundreds of coins stated that they will surpass the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto. While this has not been done before, but Vitalik Buterin have a chance. He recently explained how the Ethereum will be able to beat Bitcoin on several indicators.

Better than BTC

It turns out that the Ether is something that not enough Bitcoin.

He [Ethereum] offers all the same features as Bitcoin, but its ecosystem is programmable.

Vitaly explained that the main principles of his project he learned while working on MasterCoin. Recall that this coin was created to integrate with financial derivatives.

First, the Ethereum got the idea from MasterCoin, then we tried to extend it to new applications.

In the end, cryptocurrencies can be used for those things for which “you do not need the notion of currency”. In other words, ecosystem Ethereum is a platform for a very wide range of phenomena. All this is possible thanks to the smart contracts.

Instead of empty words look at the first ten things that you can do with Ethereum. Here, for example, there is a programmable language to implement the most sophisticated ideas of the developers.

Buterin noted that the popularity of Air did most of the work for him. Vitalik did not have to develop decentralized applications, it is already trying, cryptocommunist.

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Image source — Bitcoinist

This morning Ethereum is trading at 242 dollars. For the past day the price of the coin has not changed, and its market capitalization were fixed at a level 25,74 billion dollars. Recall that ETH you can mine on our pool. Also don’t forget to subscribe to cryptcat of hontarov!


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